Booking Fee

A non-refundable booking fee equal to 50 percent of the estimated cost of your session must be paid in advance. We won't be able to confirm your session until the booking fee has been paid in full.

Prices and Fees

Ultimate Wedding Package $1700.00
Entire Day of Shooting
1 - Proof Book
1 - 16x20 Canvas Wrap
2 - 11x14 Prints
10 - 8x10 Prints
20 - 5x7 Prints
40 - 4x5 Prints
**If this is not in your budget, call me for a custom wedding package that will meet your budget**
Engagement & Bridal Sessions Starting at $200.00
1 - Proof Book
1 - 11x14 print
3 - 8x10 prints
4 - 5x7 prints

Additional Prints

4" x 5" print (4) $ 14.99
5" x 7" print (2) $ 14.99
8" x 10" print (1) $ 14.99
11" x 14" print (1) $ 39.99

Canvas Pricing is Made Upon Request for Product

CD Available for $100.00 after $200.00 add on order

Other Sizes Available Upon Request

Why Do You Need a Professional Photographer?

Would you pay someone to build you a home whom had never used a hammer?  Or, how about using a doctor who had not attended medical school?  Your investment into your photographs should be considered in the same manner.  You want something that will last a lifetime and more such as what a professional can provide.

Ellen Hubbard Photography

I see something special and show it to the camera. The moment is held until someone sees it. Then it is theirs.

– Sam Abell

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